Strategic Alliance in Mexico

ICP Consulting has reinforced its presence in Mexico with a strategic alliance with the consultancy Solution Partners, a group with extensive experience in marketing and sales, strategic planning for market access, and expert in commercial solutions for all types of companies, from small and medium to large corporations.

Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact

ICP Consulting joins the initiative of corporate social responsibility of the United Nations through the United Nations Global Compact, which operates in Spain through the Spanish Network, which currently has more than 2,500 member entities, of which 14% are large companies, 76% are SMEs and 10% are other types of entities (third sector, trade unions / business associations and educational institutions).

Азербайджан наладит сотрудничество с испанской Cibernos по проектам «Умный город» и «Интернет вещи»

Электронно-вычислительный центр министерства транспорта, связей и высоких технологий (МТСВТ) Азербайджана и испанская компания «Cibernos» подписали меморандум о сотрудничестве.

Capsa food lands in Qatar

ICP Consulting, throughout its professional career, has always searched for collaboration spaces with the State of Qatar, seeking excellence for business development, and the promotion of values ​​in bilateral economic relations between Spain and Qatar.