Health tourism

There are few sectors that have the strength to maintain a growth rate of 20% per year, and Spanish health tourism is one such case.
ICP Consulting has years of experience in supporting the Spanish private healthcare sector,

Smart Parking

Technology solutions for smart cities are developing at an exponential rate. In the case of urban mobility, the main challenges are to achieve greater sustainability, with lower energy consumption and a substantial reduction of CO2

Cultural dialogue

ICP Consulting has developed strategic consultancies for the definition of cultural projects oriented to the Arab world and aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue, based on the principles and values ​​defended by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC).

Telephony for prisons

Prison legislation recognizes the right of inmates to communicate periodically orally and in writing. The implementation of information and communication technology (ICT) innovations has provided an optimal context to guarantee this right to inmates without threatening

Circular Economy

The circular economy seeks a sustainable objective, which is that the value of products, materials and resources be maintained in the economy for the longest time possible, and thus minimize the generation of waste. It is a matter of implementing a non-linear economy

Food production

It is well known, and even more so in these times of blockade for Qatar, that this small state of the Arabian Gulf imports more than 90% of the food consumed by the 2.7 million inhabitants, including nationals and expatriates. The authorities of this Emirate have made great efforts

Food distribution

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, with a total population close to 50 million inhabitants, is one of the richest territories in the world, although it is heavily dependent on imports of food products (90% of consumption); therefore, it has become a strategic region for food exports.

Agricultural opportunities

The specialization of ICP Consulting in the agroindustrial and agri-food sector and its extensive experience in the Kingdom of Morocco have enabled the development of various projects, both in the public and private sectors, along with partners such as Les Domaines Agricoles

Republic of Cuba

For European and Spanish companies operating in Cuba has many benefits and some drawbacks, given the fact that it is a “state-managed” economy whose opening up is complicated by the search for a socio-economic model of its own, that does not renounce or deteriorate the achievements of the Revolution. In recent years, the Cuban economy…