El Profe Ortega presenta el primer Máster internacional en preparación física

El Centro de Estudios Universitarios Formación y Posgrado (CEUFP) y el Profe Ortega, preparador físico del Atlético, presenta hoy 9 de mayo a las 18:00 horas la nueva oferta formativa de la Sports Management School que contará con cuatro programas de especialización en Preparación Física de Alto Rendimiento en Fútbol. En la presentación, el Profe Ortega contará con el apoyo de cuerpo técnico y jugadores

Opportunities in the water sector, Angola

Access to water and the sustainable management of the country’s water resources are the priority objectives of the Government of Angola and its Minister of Energy and Water, João Baptista Borges. Around 40 percent of the Angolan population, estimated to be more than 15 million inhabitants, still have no access to drinking water in optimal conditions for consumption.

Angola, back to global economy

Angola is once again a pole of attraction for Spanish investments and products due to the socio-political stability of the country and the changes that are foreseen in the horizon of its economy. That is why our machinery, equipment, agricultural and food products, transport equipment and vehicles, chemical products, cast iron or steel manufactures